Cause I’m BURNIN’ UP, burnin’ up, for you baby! Both my 16 and 28 year old self LOOOOOVE the Jonas Brothers thank you very much.
Harley’s roller disco with these babes. ❤️ And in case you wondered... I’m pretty short, or are my friends just tall. 🤔
It’s been a whole 8 years together today! ❤️ And as we speak, we’re sorting the mortgage for the house we’re BUYING. To be continued...
Another day at @strengthindepthuk! Meeting and hanging out with some of my absolute favourites. ❤️🔥 What a great weekend!
Amazing second day at @strengthindepthuk! Got a workout in, watched some really strong people smash some heavy weights and hung out with friends. ❤️
Hello 2020! Some deficit handstand pushups to start out the year strong. I’m going to work hard on upping my cardio this year. The one thing I really need to work on to up my crossfit game, excited for another year of progress.
2019 was definitely a good one for me! I did some amazing travels to: Austria (for skiing and to Vienna), Copenhagen and a dream trip to Iceland. A lot of new crossfit adventures including my first individual competition, a team WIN, some events for charity and a LOT of training. I even managed to squeeze in some new costumes and great time with friends, film and theatre. On to 2020!
January - December / 2019. It’s time for that yearly reflection. This year I trained hard and a lot. I learned a lot, lifted heavier weights, lost some weight and gained some muscle. Dropped a cup size and dress size. And changed my food intake without having to diet. I’m super excited to keep going on this crossfit journey and have a little bit of a Christmas bulk. Thanks once again to @crossfit_dawn for keeping me going.
Been in our flat for almost 4 years and even though we might be looking at possibly buying (👀) somewhere in 2020. I love our little space, the living room is really full of things we love.
42.5 - 35 - 30 Some squat snatch progression work from the weekend, I’m still working on my shoulder mobility which is SLOWLY coming along. My hip flexers however have come a long way. I can fairly easily power snatch all these weights but am forcing myself to squat to get more and more used to the movement. One day we’ll get the powerlifter out of me haha!
Night out at @secret_cinema Stranger Things! So so good. ❤️ Also featuring @_mynameisaflower and @ritchie_borfes.
Throwback to @therainhilltrials a few weeks ago and some (stronger) thighs. I’ve just gotten back to training after a week off and ready to go full in and get back to working on weaknesses. Next on the calendar: work on chest to bar, improve my cardio and get a (bar) muscle up! Let’s gooo.
Haven’t posted much about my Vienna trip yet, which was so lovely. Such a good weekend with family.
Get yourself a best friend who arranges front row seats for a Q&A with your favourite actor @taron.egerton and @dexter.fletcher . Thank you so much @_mynameisaflower, I had such a wonderful night and couldn’t wish for a better early Christmas present. ❤️ @picturehousecentral
Spending some quality time with the family (& Joe) in Vienna celebrating my mum’s birthday! ❤️
Off to Narnia for the night @_bridgetheatre. ❤️
2009 - 2019, guess I changed a bit in 10 years. Grew out of the edgy long hair teen days, these days it’s hard to find photos of me outside work out clothes or cosplay. 😂
Ready to jump in to the weekend like... @therainhilltrials @crossfit_dawn @bekka.collins
Even when the dark comes crashing through, when you need a friend to carry you! ❤️ - been wanting to see this show for 2,5 years and so happy I finally did.
My favourite work out squad! Love these girls. ❤️💙 Including accidental colour matching. Still recovering from @therainhilltrials, needed a few days of to let my body heal from being sore.
Pain face and arm pump @therainhilltrials? LET’S GO! Trying to recover a little bit before going fully back in to training. Shorts: @bekka.collins Obviously representing @crossfit_dawn
And with that @therainhilltrials is over! What an incredible weekend, @anastazja_nr and I teamed up as team ‘Stronger Thighs’ and managed to smash out 4 workouts in the Rastrick category. Just 4 spots short of making it to the Final. We came in 19th out of 90 teams and couldn’t be more happy. Loved spending the weekend with @dannixpants, @jenniefrances, @coppery, @michaeliawu, who all smashed it! ❤️ Shout out to @barboracz for judging. 🙌🏻
Little snippet from 20.4 on Friday, missing the clean part. I still struggle with getting under overhead movements, meaning I press most of the weight out. (Which was luckily allowed in this workout) Got the 65kg above my head 4 times (after power cleaning it up), which I’m super happy with. Especially under fatigue. Next time I’ll hopefully be able to get under it and up my weights. Couldn’t have done it without all the @crossfit_dawn support. 💙
Happy Halloween! Here is proof that I take dressing up pretty seriously, meaning I won’t even be celebrating Halloween haha. Sharing my favourite costumes from the last 10 years of cosplaying: Cersei Lannister, Furiosa, Spider-Man, Harley Quinn, Harry Potter and Black Canary. (I know this not my cosplay account haha) Including some shots of my favourite photographers: @carlos_adama, @justinelouisephotography, @bigguyslim and @laughingorc.
This really sums up our team at @battle.cancer! We had so much fun! ❤️💙
Taking a weekend off (I lie, still went on Friday) training for Early Halloween celebrations at comic con over the weekend, such a good weekend. 🙌🏻 Battered up Spidey being very happy about getting in that morning coffee. More pictures of the weekend over at @beyondbelieving.
One more with the whole @crossfit_dawn team, all competing at @battle.cancer! ❤️💙 What a squad to be a part of.
Incredible day @battle.cancer competing with my favourite girls! We managed to collect over £600 for @eveappeal and crushed 5 work-outs in an 8 hour day of competing. Thanks to everyone who donated, you’re all the best! Came 37th out of 83 teams. And really happy with our performance. A big shout out to all the @crossfit_dawn crew! 💙❤️
Iceland landscapes are unlike anything I’ve seen before. Especially being from and living in such a fully populated country. Getting back on the London tube was definitely a bit of a shock to the system.
Back in London, missing Iceland already. Just going to share some more photos to remind myself how amazing it was.