Hi, my name is Nieke Tebeest

I'm a Dutch, 28-year old Digital & Production Designer currently working for the Creative Partnership in London. I’ve been in digital design for 6 years starting out in web, then branching out to digital film marketing. Recently I’ve moved into production design and the world of print. I spend most of my working time in Photoshop and InDesign, dabble in After Effects and the occasional Social Media Marketing brief.

I finished my Communication & Media Design (First Bachelor Communication) in 2013 at Hogeschool Utrecht.

A lot of my free time is spent in the cinema, cooking, Cross-Fitting and making the occasional cosplay. I love to travel and make a yearly trip to the Alps to keep up with skiing which I did to amateur level (Slalom) between age 9-19. I’ve recently started competing in CrossFit to keep up with my competitive spirit.

Get in touch at: nieke@beyondbelieving.net